Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about direct navigation? Read on...

  1. What is direct navigation traffic?

    Direct navigation is simply a person visiting a web site by typing in the domain in their URL bar of their web browser. This user is not using a search engine or any other link to find what they are looking for - "they are directly navigating" to the domain.

  2. So how is this traffic available to Adrenalads?

    Many direct navigation attempts go to "parked" domain (a domain that has been registered but not developed by its owner). Typically the way to monetize a parked domain is to use a domain parking company has been to show a page with PPC (Pay-Per-Click ads). However, Adrenalads has partnerships with many domain parking companies to route these domain visitors through Adrenalads and its advertisers, instead of showing a bland page with ads.

  3. Can you give me a real example of direct navigation as an advertising traffic source?

    Consider the domain "" We have an advertiser that we feel has relevant content and offerings for visitor who would type this domain into their browser address bar. So after the visitor types in, the domain parking company asks if we would like to pay to have this visitor redirected to us instead of them showing a parked page. We indicate we're willing to pay, so the domain visitor is redirected to us, and we in turn redirect it to the advertiser.

  4. How much traffic is actually available?

    It's a common misconception that direct navigation traffic is only of limited quantity. However we receive over 10 million requests for inbound domain visitors per day and that number is only growing.

  5. Doesn't this attract mostly unsophisticated internet users that are inputting typos?

    The majority of our traffic is actually from what are considered un-branded, "generic" domains that aren't related to an existing trademark or property. As far as user sophistication, we have a lot of visitors from mobile devices such as the Apple iPad, and overall our most popular browser is actually Chrome.

  6. How much does this traffic cost?

    Our proprietary algorithms ensure you always pay the least amount possible to get the traffic you want. That being said, in an absolute sense, large volumes of traffic are available as low as $0.03 per visitor. This is much cheaper than the available traffic at any Tier 1 paid search network.